Tango Tonight! tells a story of romance, betrayal, and redemption. Destiny brings a middle aged woman and younger man together, and choosing the right forks in the road brings passion back into their lives. As our characters challenge their fears and fight for meaning in their future, we learn it is never too late to reclaim love, and make a family. Experience the poetry of tango culture, as people from all walks of life discover how tango’s lessons can become a metaphor for life.


Janel, a corporate woman in her forties
Moira, Janel’s professor friend
Sergio, a suave Argentine tango dancer in his thirties
Mort, a devilish con artist
Alicia, mentor to Sergio
Manny, an angel earning his wings
Jorge, a police detective
Enrique, tango competitor
Nina, Enrique's partner
A number of minor characters

About the Production


  • 8 Main Characters – four strong singers and dancers – all main characters must be able to sing and dance.
  • Chorus: 10 singers/dancers. Half strong singers, half strong dancers.


  • Minimum of 5 musicians
  • Piano, bass, guitar (nylon-string & electric guitar), bandoneon/accordion, drums, fiddle.
  • Additional strings desirable. Score will be available for them.


  • Modest staging, costumes deliver much of the visual experience. Several multi-purpose set pieces allow for street scenes, interiors and dance venues.
  • Modest sound reinforcement for orchestra, body mics for principals, area mics.
  • Average lighting requirements.
  • No requirement for flown elements; one special effect (apparition).

Production Budget (Performance Revenue):

Ticket Sales $19,750
Sponsorships, Donations & Ad Sales $7,250
Concessions, T-shirts, Dance Bags $1600
Grants $6000
Production Costs  
Props, Costumes, Set $4000
Marketing, Promo $800
Paid Staff $29,800
Total Production Budget $34,600

Music Examples
   See the Music Examples page